NRHA Affiliate Points

This is a general overview of the NRHA Affiliate Program. Please consult the NRHA website or REINER Magazine for the eligible classes and other specific details.

The ORHA hosts 4 Affiliate shows each year which comprise a “qualifying circuit” from which the top fifteen (15) horse and rider combinations in each class will be eligible to compete in the NRHA Northwestern Regional Affiliate Finals. In addition, all of the NRHA Affiliate clubs from the northwestern United States are invited to send their top fifteen (15) eligible horse and rider combinations to compete in the NRHA Northwestern Regional Affiliate Finals.

The rider must be a current member in good standing of both ORHA and NRHA to qualify for the NRHA Regional Affiliate Finals for the ORHA.

This is different than the eligibility requirements for ORHA year end awards. The points needed to qualify for the NRHA Regional Affiliate Finals are DIFFERENT from the ORHA year end points. If you are in the top five for ORHA year end awards points it does not mean that you have qualified for the regional affiliate finals. The Affiliate points are not listed on the ORHA website. The Affiliate points for ORHA members are listed on the NRHA website under “Programs” and “Affiliate”. These points are calculated using the total number of entries in the class and assigning points as follows; If there are 30 entries in the class, First Place = 30 points, Second Place = 29 points, etc. No points are awarded for a 0 score.

The number of entries in a class determines the highest number of points that can be earned. You can only earn Affiliate points at the 4 Affiliate shows hosted by the ORHA. The top ten (10) horse and rider combinations plus ties in each class at the NRHA Regional Affiliate Finals are then invited to the North American Affiliate Championships held in conjunction with the NRHA Futurity and Championship show in Oklahoma City.